Crohns Disease Treatment And Symptoms

Crohns Disease Treatment And Symptoms

It’s a disease that affects an estimated quarter of a million people worldwide and there is no known cure for it. Crohns disease is a disease of the digestive system that is a part of a group of diseases called inflammatory bowel disease.

Crohns disease can affect any part of the digestive tract but usually is concentrated in the intestine. Hundreds of ulcers attack the lining of the gut, causing painful spasms and contractions every time food is eaten or the digestive system starts to work.

Crohns disease seems to genetic in origin as it seems to run in families. Some common symptoms are diarrhea and sharp pain in the abdominal region. It can strike at any age but seems to be most often found in young adults between the ages of 20 and 30.

People with Crohns disease can have symptoms that run the spectrum of mild to severe. These symptoms can appear suddenly or they may take years to develop. Symptoms may even go away completely for a periods of time only to resume later.

While the disease is active some common symptoms reported are diarrhea, painful abdominal ulcers, abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Because of the pain and difficulty in digestion, Crohns disease can lead to malnutrition and severe weight loss.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms for longer than a few days consult with your doctor. Because there isn’t a definitive test for Crohns disease it will only be diagnosed after all other possible causes such as diverticulitis and colon cancer have been ruled out. A colonoscopy may be ordered to survey the interior of the colon and to take small tissue samples for analysis in the lab.

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